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Where is your business based?

We are an Australian owned and operated business based in Melbourne with the vision to provide stylish, eco-friendly, modern cloth nappies and accessories to families keen to minimise their waste and reduce their environmental footprint at affordable prices. 

What nappies do you stock?

Here at BUBBA BUMZ we have chosen to focus on the pocket cloth nappy with inserts simply because of its ease of use and quick drying characteristics. For the majority of people to make effective long lasting change, things have to be simple and easy to take on board. It also must have the added bonus of being relatively cost effective. We have made a conscious decision to line our nappies with soft "suede" lining because of its moisture wicking qualities that help to keep babies feeling dry. We have also chosen not to have any of the PUL within the nappy lining (eg. tummy panels) because the plastic nature of the product doesn't feel nice on the skin, tends to stick and can be a bit irritating to skin for some. 

Where are you nappies manufactured?

BUBBA BUMZ nappies are ethically manufactured in China which enables us to provide premium, affordable cloth nappies and accessories. We work closely with our Chinese suppliers on the final nappy designs, snap placements and colours and selection of fabrics. Depending on volumes of orders, the goods are either shipped or delivered via air freight.

What savings will I make using cloth nappies?

A baby will on average require about 6,000 nappy changes from the time its born through to the toilet training stage. Scary, isn't it! Prices of disposable nappies vary considerably depending on brand and quality, but a mid-priced brand will equate to an overall cost of about $3,000. Of course there are added costs of baby wipes, pull ups etc to consider also. Generally, parents should start to enjoy noticeable savings after three months of using cloth.

How many nappies will I need?

It depends on usage (your baby's age) and how often you want to wash the nappies. If you want to jump right in and use cloth full time then you may need about 20 nappies. Most people will start part time and build up to full time, while others will still use disposables overnight. Whatever you choose is OK. Each cloth nappy used is making a difference. Remember, each disposable nappy placed in landfill will take about 150 years to decompose. 

How long will my nappies last?

This will depend on how many nappies you have in your stash on rotation. Obviously, the more you wash a nappy the faster it will deteriorate over time. We would expect that the nappy being washed every 2-3 days would last until toilet training and still be OK to use for a subsequent child. There are other things to consider, however, such as whether the nappies are being used full time or part time; acidity of bubs urine; frequency and routine of washing and method of drying.

How do I wash cloth nappies?

Cloth nappies should be stored in a dry pail/bucket with plenty of airflow after being rinsed (if soiled) and washed ideally every 2-3 days in a washing machine on a warm (40 degrees) 2 hour cycle using a detergent of your choice and hanging out to dry in the sunlight. In winter, nappies can be placed on a clothes rack in a warm place inside. Tumble dryers can damage the PUL coating of cloth nappies and are not recommended. Always refer to your washing machine manual to use to the optimum program for your machine. With modern front loaders, there will be a "Hygienic" program which is particularly suited to washing items that need to be hygienically clean and especially kind to sensitive skin. These cycles usually have a longer wash cycle (different brands vary in length) at a defined temperature, higher water level and longer spin cycle. Make your washing machine manual your best friend and if you can't find it, download one off the internet. 

What about detergent?

This is definitely a personal preference but you'll find anything described as "sensitive" will be the most appropriate choice. Sensitive laundry detergent/powders tend to be low allergy, dermatologically tested formulas designed for sensitive skin.

What about fabric softener?

Stay away from fabric softeners. Fabrics softeners either take up space in the fibres of the absorbent layers of your nappy and/or coat the fabric making it water repellent. Both decrease absorbency by reducing how much urine can be absorbed into a nappy. 

Why can't I dry my nappies in the tumble drier?

We don't recommend drying the nappies in tumble driers because the PUL (polyurethane laminate) layer can be damaged by heat. Having said that, using a low setting on the drier to finish drying the nappies is usually OK, just don't let the covers get too warm. It's also important to remember that the sun can be just as damaging so be mindful of leaving nappies out in the direct sunlight for too long. Keep in mind also that nappies left outside in direct sunlight for an extended period of time may fade over time. When hanging the nappies on the line, position the lining toward the sun to protect the vibrancy of your covers.